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Lots done

In my newsletter I shared the cover for Under Empty Stars. I’ll add it to this post on Monday, or tomorrow if I keep writing during the weekend. I sorta want to. Another great day for words. Super happy about that.

I received Daughter of the Red Planet and released it for sale via CreateSpace. It’ll take a week for the stores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble to feature it though.

Just over halfway done with the read through of Ancient Scars before I send it off to Jeanie for her first thoughts. Wiped out so now I gots yard work to deal with.

Word count I started the day with: 3,133

Word count I ended the day with: 5,674

Total for the day: 2,541 words

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Word count I started the day with: 36,783Word count I ended the day with: 38,046Total for the day: 1263 words

Originally posted on Kim Iverson's Website -