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Halfway through my Dark Illusions: The Beginning paperback.Been making some lovely connections in Anora. I’m fascinated to learn where this storyline is headed.
Word count I started the day with: 47,509Word count I ended the day with: 49,794Total for the day: 2285 words

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Starting in on paperbacks

Going go be working on myDark Illusions paperbacks today. I need to get those back into print as soon as I can. About to get started on that.
Word count I started the day with: 45,745Word count I ended the day with: 47,509Total for the day: 1764 words

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Hit my goal with room to spare.

Totally hit my goal. That’s without any editing shortcuts either. I did a thorough edit. I sent Daughter of the Red Planet to Creech Enterprises with 45 minutes to spare. I’m exhausted so this will be a quick note mostly. I got my newsletter out, and will be taking the weekend off. Also had a great day of writing with Anora so I had a lot of works. I’m halfway through the book now and I started April 6th or so? Super happy.It’s fortunate that I bumped up my editing goal too. That gives me the ability to have an extra two days off to give my mind and eyes a break. I’m exhausted from other things going on too so it’ll be good for me. I will still be doing some sort of work. Outlining histories of Dark Moon Dynasty Universe, and The Guardian of Life series. Those just don’t require being on the computer for long periods.
Word count I started the day with: 43,395Word count I ended the day with: 45,745Total for the day: 2350 words

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Progress – and reached my goal!

Today I didn’t get as many words as I would’ve liked. I’m still happy – anything is something! – about it though. I retraced my steps, tried to work out a few things, and then ended up deleting paragraphs so I could just rewrite them instead of trying to work them out. Made it easier, but it did set me back on words. That’s fine. Not every day is all peachy.On Daughter of the Red Planet I am going through my final read through. I have to reach page 158 today – did it! – and then 237 tomorrow, and finally finish so I can get it out of my hands by Friday. I know I said I’d like it done by the end of the month, but those extra few days it would give me by finishing early, is something I’d like. Trust me, they won’t go to waste. It just helps in case Jeanie has something come up where she takes longer, or there is something large that I have to fix when she sends it back.And if the editing is okay, then that means I have a few extra days of getting more of the back log done. Let’s just fa…

Gonna make it quick

Making good progress with the novel. Can’t help but think it’s because my fingers were starting to hurt from the other keyboard. I don’t have gigantic hands so for me trying to type on the bigger keyboards, it stresses my fingers. I’m getting an adapter for the older keyboard to use it. The keys aren’t as high, and the buttons don’t have to get pressed so hard. I do have a decent one I bought (I mentioned it before) for this computer, but I am going to try the other keyboard for a bit to see the difference since this Logitech keyboard places the keys so far apart that even though it’s easy to press the buttons, it hurts to stretch my fingers out. Need easy stuff!The adapter from Amazon only cost a couple bucks, which is helpful.Since I’m past when I usually quit working at the computer, I gotta wrap this up.
Word count I started the day with: 39,030Word count I ended the day with: 40,724Total for the day: 1694 words

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Just under what I like, but I’ll take it

Always a bit sluggish on a Monday. I was reading the last part I wrote last Friday, and I couldn’t grasp where to go. Then I realized it was because I needed to switch the POV. Another character has been working his way into the scene here and there (he’d actually been in the very first part of the novel, just not physically). Story picked up pace after that. I only had just over 30 minutes to write anyway though so I didn’t get quite as many words as I may have wanted.Just under my 1000 words I like to get every day.Not too concerned. I’m really interested in noting that I’m almost halfway to the end of the book. I looked at when I started to write this one. It was April 1, 2016. Almost halfway and two months of near steady writing. Had I written on the weekends, every weekend, I’d imagine I may have been farther at this point. And not had some slow days, which I’ve had.
Word count I started the day with: 38,046Word count I ended the day with: 39,030Total for the day: 938 words


Starting to get answers

We’re finally getting answers. And as typical, the way the answers are being given in the story, isn’t the way I had it planned in my head. Or not planned, but maybe I should say, how I expected it to go. I expected the information to come in a much different way, different person as well.Well, surprise surprise, the story didn’t go the way it was supposed to go. Random thought that crosses the mind: gotta do my newsletter today, lol. So I’ll cut this a bit shorter than I wanted to. Not much to discuss anyway. I have a lot of things I have to do today. Outside and inside. Hoping I hit my ten pages of edits today, but if I don’t, since I got 15 yesterday, I know I’ll be okay.
Word count I started the day with: 36,783Word count I ended the day with: 38,046Total for the day: 1263 words

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Tired, but that’s a good thing

Good numbers today. I was able to start on time (almost) so that helped me loads. I got a good advancement in my Daughter of the Red Planet editing too. I have to edit at least ten pages every day to hit my end of the month goal.I have one month of give in that time in case something happens with Jeanie and sets her editing back, or in my life and sets my editing back. Otherwise I won’t hit my August publication date. So that’s why I’ve given myself until the end of this month to finish up. It sounds so easy: 10 pages. It’s really hard when I only have a few hours to edit and get interrupted a lot. I’m usually tired by the time I edit so that’s a help. Not complaining, only pointing out what it’s like. I love it. I love what I do, and making the book go from meh to this is good! And now to take the dogs out and try to get yard work done before the rain comes back. Then make dinner. :D
Word count I started the day with: 35,499Word count I ended the day with: 36,783Total for the day: 128…

The plot thickens

Had some very interesting ideas hit me for the Guardian of Life series last night. I’m excited to implement it. I swear I’d seen something similar in a movie, but can’t find anything so maybe it was an art drawing. The closest I found to my idea was the “dinobots” in the latest Transformers movie. Love those movies.Either way, my idea will be different from those. Even if I can’t find out if my idea was used somewhere, it’ll be unique to my story for how it comes about. We’ll just say it’s like a steam punk dragon.Not much in Anora today. I started late and didn’t have much time to write, but still, happy with those numbers.
Word count I started the day with: 34,695Word count I ended the day with: 35,499Total for the day: 804 words

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Word count only again.

Not much to say. Working onDaughter of the Red Planet. 
Word count I started the day with: 33,455Word count I ended the day with: 34,695Total for the day: 1240 wordsCurrent Book I’m Reading –Stephen King – Pet Sematary 

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Just the word count

Not much to say. Working onDaughter of the Red Planet. 
Word count I started the day with: 31,857Word count I ended the day with: 33,455Total for the day: 1598 wordsCurrent Book I’m Reading –Stephen King – Pet Sematary 

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Totals from past two days

Finally able to post. I’ve been getting a lot of login attempts through my site and yesterday when I tried to login, I didn’t write the code as it should be, and because a hacker apparently tried my username, I got locked out right away.It’s supposed to be based off the ip so that annoyed the heck out of me, then being that it was 5 pm before I could login, I just gave up.So Thursday (since I didn’t have time to post), I started at 29,221 and wrote to 30,493 for a total of 1272 words.
Below totals are from yesterday.
Word count I started the day with: 30,493Word count I ended the day with: 31,857Total for the day: 1364 wordsCurrent Book I’m Reading –Stephen King – Pet Sematary 

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Dang, the girl has spunk.

Well she handled herself quite nicely! I like this girl’s spunk. She’s got some fire. I didn’t think she’d have such fierceness in her, but I may have to readjust my thoughts on Anora. Yesterday she got herself in a predicament that I was curious how she’d handle. Well, I have discovered that she doesn’t back down too easy. Good for her.Edits on Daughter of the Red Planetarealmost halfway. I should reach the halfway mark today.I’m also working on a scene from my Dark Moon Dynasty Universe. It’s after Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter, Blood By Night, and before Law of the Beast (#2 in the Dynasty of Moirae series – haven’t written or made page for). It’s going to be exclusive content for my newsletter subscribers.
Word count I started the day with: 28,359Word count I ended the day with: 29,221Total for the day: 862 wordsCurrent Book I’m Reading –Nothing! Tonight I’ll be looking through my books to find something new.

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Gonna get in trouble

Anora is fixing to get into trouble. She is pushing her limits with Storm today. I know he wants to make a point, but I had to leave it so I could edit so I didn’t get to see what he’s going to do about it. She is being defiant and yet I think part of it is because she wants to make herself a problem for him. So that he will leave her, kill her, something. But I have a hunch it’s not really that she’s angry, she just wants to protect him. Deep down she understands that whatever comes for her future, a lot of people may die. Those around her will be the first.Even with him being the type of man he is, a raider type, a cruel man. He’s been showing signs that he’s being respectful toward her which happens rarely with women and him. I don’t know if it’s because he likes her or if he’s doing it out of respect for her as a person. Which for this personality would be growth of his character.Anora seems to be making a difference with him, even if it’s small. Whereas the same is happening with…

Will they get together after all?

When I first began with Anora I thought that her and Storm (male lead criminal) would be at odds, wouldn’t have any sort of love connection. The other day (during the weekend?) I ended up having this idea occur to me about that. The idea came to mind that maybe after all, there may end up being something between them. It was a flash, just like anything else that has to do with writing. Just an inclination that said to me that they may separate (he’ll let her go I think) and then later on, he’ll appear when she needs help but has nobody, or just needs that understanding for whatever she faces.I’d enjoy that storyline. It would be nice to see someone come back like that.Word count I started the day with: 25,816Word count I ended the day with: 27,142Total for the day: 1326 wordsCurrent Book I’m Reading –Servants of Twilight – Dean Koontz

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Feel like a chicken running around with her head cut off

The past two days, I hadn’t written much because on Wednesday, I got a notice from Amazon in the morning. They wanted me to verify I was the author behind Dark Illusions: The Beginning. I had five days or they’d close my account. Not just that book. Everything.Now, since I am the author, obviously that’s not what the bother was. And I’m fully aware of the fact that many may go through that. I am changing the covers back to the original covers I had. I gave them a bit of a face lift as I mentioned I think in a previous blog, but I guess that triggered the system so they wanted to check for verification.Wellllll, I overkilled it on purpose. I believe I have verified these same books before, and I’ve contacted them before when I was changing my author name. Both times. So that is what really bothered me about it. Otherwise, I’m grateful that they are checking.It’s still nauseating to get that email. I don’t like my integrity questioned, even if it’s business and not something personal. I…

Wait, what?

Nature is dying. What?! Apparently this is what I’m learning in Anora. The whole time I’ve been writing I had no clue why Anora was so dang important. Today I figured it out. It’s not just about her – well, it is – but it’s the land. Evil is attempting to take over again (I’m interested in that whole, again word there) and because of it, nature is killing itself. I’m interested in that too. It’s killing itself. Not that nature is just dying, but that it is actively taking itself out of the equation? Well that’s darn interesting to myself. How nature is an active thing in this book wasn’t at all a plan of mine.I was focused on the characters as usual, but apparently we’re going a different route. Leaving the writer to scratch her head.Word count I started the day with: 23,114Word count I ended the day with: 24,043Total for the day: 929 wordsCurrent Book I’m Reading –Servants of Twilight – Dean Koontz

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Let’s see if I remember everything

Over the weekend, I played a lot with my site. If you’ve popped over here for the past week, you’ve noticed the color changes, the font changes, and watched me play. I’ve done it with my newsletter too. I have to actually “wear” a change for a few days before I decide if it’s a keeper or not and it’s difficult to do changes because I’m constantly back and forth. Before I settled on the gold, white, black theme that I had in the past, I went through a lot of changes then too.So right now, I’m trying out a burgundy, black, and white atmosphere. I’ve removed the black background from the main site and switched up the widgets on my homepage. I’m trying to bring focus to my books, but also this blog at once. I know, every website designer and marketer would say, don’t do that, choose one focus. Welllllllllll, sorry. I am not that person. I’m different and I need to show my difference. My difference is just that too. I don’t do things like anyone else. I can’t follow in the footsteps of oth…