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Weekend Writing Sat-Sun (April 27th - 28th) Tag #wwab to join in.


This weekend we will be working on Hope for the Future and Book Five of the Sorceress Series. The furthest behind is Sorceress book, but I'm going to work on Hope for the Future instead.

My creative brain is having problems with the Sorceress book. I know it's the final as there are no new ideas that are tumbling through me which would get me to continue it, but at the same time, the ideas I AM having are being goobery in the brain. So ... working on a different book.

Saturday Updates:  HOPE FOR THE FUTURE Starting this book at: 54,486 words total.1398 words so far. Lunch and coffay time.2685 words and brain is kaputting. Or trying to. Thinking about what I will make for dinner.3357 words. Off to make taco salads/bowls for dinner. And tater tots. Must not forget tater tots. Did you know you can make a homemade tot? Sure can. I made them myself and loved them. I wrote out the recipe I used here:…

Weekend Writing Sat-Sun (April 20th - 21st) Tag #wwab to join in.

This weekend I shall work on: Sorceress Series: Book Five. Word count is at 48, 266 total right now. I've been giving thought to turning this book into a 3rd POV, versus the 1st, but we shall see.

Tomorrow will be Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter and the total word count for this one is at: 52,341. 

The cleanup of Dark Illusions: The Beginning has been going well. I'm hoping it won't be much longer that it takes me to do the polishing (as my lovely editor called it). Going through and making a list of the things to look for specifically, has helped a lot in the editing and cleaning up phase.

If you haven't got your copy of Always Consequences from Smashwords yet, and you use something other than Kindle to read, I'd suggest getting your copy now. The book will be pulled around the 26th to make sure it's clear to upload into the Kindle Select KDP program on the 1st of May, until the 1st of August. You won't have a chance to purchase the book for anything bu…

Weekend Writing Sat-Sun (April 13th - 14th) Tag #wwab to join in.

Time to get writing, I'd say. Getting late in the morning. The two behind this time are: Hope for the Future (total at 46,444) and Sorceress Book Five (word count at 48,266)

Saturday Updates:  HOPE OF THE FUTURE Starting out at 46,444 for this book.627 words so far. A wee bit distracted today.1423 words total for the day. Yay! Not really, but life gets in the way sometimes. I'm happy that I got as much done as I did. I may just work on this one tomorrow too. Still need to percolate the Sorceress book in my head. Sunday Updates: HOPE OF THE FUTURE Decided I would just work on Hope of the Future again today. So far, 1193 words this morning.2371 words so far. Coffay break.5936 wordsnow. 6492 words and wondering how long this book is going to end up because I'm still working off the MS I had before, but will switch back to the old one soon. Then, I have a lot of ideas to go off them both. Either this will go past the 100K mark, highly doubtful, but possible, or if it does, go hig…

Weekend Writing Sat-Sun (April 6th - 7th) Tag #wwab to join in.

Okay, I have had a full week off. Gave it to myself so not only could I get all the updates done on my sites, but the information areas, cover photos, Always Consequencescovers, official page for it, and more!

Check out the site and let me know what you think about everything. If you click on the above link for the Forum, you'll be taken to the new upgraded forum. If you've previously registered, feel free to update your profile on there too. You have fun custom cartoon avatars on there, and so many more goodies.

I've also cleaned my review page above so if you want to leave a review, you're more than welcome to.

The books I will be working on this weekend are: Sorceress Series: Book Five (at 44,716 words) and then tomorrow, Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter (at 46,098 words). Only been a week of not writing or editing and I must say ... I miss my characters! haha


As it says up above, I am currently at 44,716 words in my Sorc…