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Where has the time gone?

Six years ago this Sunday, I met the most amazing, most beautiful girl, ever.She is the only thing I have ever so consistently wanted in my entire life. My Breuckelen! She is everything I have ever hoped to have as my own little girl.She is sweet, smart, generous, and kind.She loves to sing and dance and wear girly, frilly dresses and jewelry.She is creative and a little spacey.She is so absurdly dramatic.She is everything I would have handpicked if I had gotten to handpick her for myself.Sometimes dreams do come true!

I am not sure where the time has gone but each milestone we pass chips away at my tough mommy armor.Today was our kindergarten graduation! Now she is turning six and going to first grade and she is very cool – just ask her.I get nervous because I feel like she is growing up and I might be loosing parts of her that were always just mine.  At the same time though, I have realized that those are my burdens to carry, not hers to worry about.
As I watched her dance her way u…

Book Review - The Secret - Rhonda Byrne

I have had The Secret on my mind for a while. I finally chose to buy it so I could read it and I'm quite happy that I did.

I used to reference this book as sounding like the book I read as a young teen called, Being Happy. I ended up being right about the similarities. In the book, Being Happy, it's focused on training your brain to think positively. As in, you attract what you think about most.

Buy a new car, think, I sure hope nobody hits me!
Result: a shopping cart dings you the moment after you park. Or someone backs into the car as you're leaving the parking lot.

As in, our thoughts have energy. Our thoughts, and what we think about most, what we believe in most, will happen. That's not to say that if you can't THINK yourself to something that you didn't think correctly. It simply means that when you focus on something, you're bringing it about. I learned about this method when I was younger. Never truly understood it until recently when I've been l…

Immortal Separation quote

Here is a special quote from Immortal Separation that I favorited. Of course you're welcome to save and share it.


The Man in the Arena

As a writer, you’ll occasionally face criticism. It comes with the territory. Sometimes it’s in the form of private feedback, whether from beta readers or commissioning editors, other times it’s a review of your work published in a newspaper or on a website. Besides the latter’s public nature, this is no different from people in other professions who regularly have to deal with performance reviews, be they accountants, salespeople or plumbers.

These reviews can take the form of a formal assessment (achievement of sales targets, budgets, service standards etc.) or be more informal in nature (haggling over a bill where the work performed was perceived to be sub-standard). Sure, the appraisal in the typical workplace is usually conducted by someone you know (don’t know if that’s worse), but random strangers can also play a role (think of trucks sporting phone numbers that invite other road users to comment on the driver’s proficiency, or service personnel who are rated by anonymous clien…

On bringing more gratitude and positive energy into the world

Now that I've been doing them for a week or so, I wanted to take a moment and talk about my gratitude and happiness posts.

You’ve seen the posts. They are tagged #everydaygratitude or #HappiestMomentOfTheDay

I do them for myself mostly. That’s why sometimes they aren’t written out to explain anything. Sometimes they make sense, sometimes not. I only need them to make sense for myself.

It's become a big thing for me this past year to slowly come to learn and acknowledge what energy I put out into the world. So many people want to make this world a better place. And I think a huge part of that is how we live each day. If we're walking around always negative and grr-ish, isn't it more likely that we then are putting out a negative energy?

The other reason I began doing them was because I wanted to truly appreciate every one of my days. I'm a lucky individual. I felt that I could bring more gratitude into my life. So those tags (when I post) also go to a journal in E…

On some updates

I'm having a lot of fun outlining where to take my stories, and doing the exercises in Holly Lisle's Writing Flash Fiction That Doesn't Suck. Flash fiction stories are stories that remain under 500 words. It's interesting to do the exercises and see what my brain comes up with. I've been doing short stories since I was . . . young. Don't remember when I started. I was inspired by those books, Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and More Scary Stories to tell in the Dark. I thought . . . I can do that!

I finally figured out where I will share the free Immortal Separation chapters once I'm done editing them. I redesigned my other site that I quit using in favor of just using this one for everything. I cut it down to the barest I could to keep it functioning. Removed the title, the search, and even the share. Because it's meant to be used to read those exclusive shares, and nothing more.

If you haven't heard about it, I plan to release one chapter of Im…

On ideas and outlines for next books

Been taking my time with outlining my next books. I have 8 current ideas brewing around in there, and that 8th one is including the Sorceress Series rewrite that I’ve been dealing with. I paused working on that one since I’ve already got the books laid out and don’t really need to outline them.

However, once reading Holly Lisle’s Create a World Clinic I noticed that some other ideas crept in there with the Sorceress, so in reality, I may end up working on that one as I go. Who knows, more ideas and books may come out of the five books in the Sorceress Series I have, that are already written.

I want to at least scrunch that number down to 7 total books to write at once because I only have 7 days in a week. Then I can work on one per day, which would be a challenge, and incredibly fun I think. Worst case: I drop some to focus on the others, then pick up the rest later on.

I think I did find a way to incorporate two ideas into one idea so I may have found that possibility. Have to deta…

Book Review - Christopher Reeve - Still Me

This is a powerful book.

Most people probably know of the story of Christopher Reeve and his accident that left him in a wheelchair. We watched it on the news, we heard the stories, at some point we came across the it somehow.

This book not only chronicles what he remembers happening right up to the accident, and after, but also his life story. Things about him that I never knew, things about him that I didn't realize I would relate to. He's honest and poignant as he tells his story. He details what he went through in great detail after the accident, and tells you about what he faced, and what items he used in his recovery.

I found that even when he detailed the machines that he used in recovery and his hospital jargon he learned, that it still remained incredibly engaging. This from someone who generally reads before bed, which means I'm usually tired when I grab my books. Let me tell you, that really helps you discover engaging versus boring books.

Because of my personal…

Make 'em Laugh

“All the world loves a clown” - Cole Porter

(Maybe the world does…but they just give me the heebie jeebies!)

You know why all the world loves a clown? (Except for me, that is) It’s because everyone loves to laugh. And you want to know why? Because laughter makes us feel good and often really IS the best medicine. For years researchers have been discussing the overall health benefits that laughter can have. It lowers stress. It can improve our memories. It protects against heart disease and even helps us to burn calories. Did you know that just 10-15 minutes of laughter a day can burn up to 40 calories? That’s about 8 pretzel sticks, 4 jellybeans or 6 pieces of candy corn. Hey, not bad for a good belly laugh, now is it?

But besides the physical benefits, having a sense of humor also has emotional benefits, too. It can give us the coping skills we need to deal with the worst that life can throw at us. The ability to find some kind of happiness….. some kind of inner joy….. even when it s…