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Word count for today (Saturday) and excerpt!

4767 words on HOPE OF THE FUTURE. Really good! Considering I have been having to look back and forth at the other two stories of past, merging them into one. Slow, but couldn't ask for a better total. I was late to start, too, and had to still make dinner, clean, etc. I'm quite happy with that. Indeedy. Ronin inspiration - Colin Farrell Note: this is a complete draft, first written edition. It will change. 
Edging over to the door, her hand wrapped around the lock. Placing the other over it so nobody would hear the click, she turned it.
“So this is how you repay people who wish to help you?” a deep thick voice whispered in the darkness, causing Hope to start and drop her bag. Spinning around, she wrapped her hand around the blade forever tucked against her back.
Casually standing there without a care in the world, Ronin was leaning against the counter wearing his long leather coat again. Was he out walking at this hour? How’d he get back in and why on earth didn’t she …


I thought, since it's been a bit, that I would go ahead and share with you, an excerpt from my next book out, ALWAYS CONSEQUENCES. Also, you know, since I've been editing for a few hours and need a break from the writing. If you'll notice at the top of the page, I've also put a little marker so you can keep track of the progress of this book. I will guess the date for now on release, but there is no telling. Normally I have been far better at predicting a date, but now that it's my third out, I really want to put all the quality into it, that I can. 
Always remember: if there is anything you come across that needs fixing in my books, don't hesitate to email, or come by on social sites, to let me know! I have made a few new friends from those of you who've taken the time to let me know my errors that had to be fixed--you know who you be. ;)
“Aw, she cares.” John teased and looked down at her chin. “I could say the same. Have you been typical-Ca…

What are the current WIP's you're working on and how did you come about them?

Great question! Let's see, I have 3 WIP's I'm writing right now. Two are continuations of books I've written (only one is up for sell right now) and one is a rewrite of a story I'd done a while ago.

1) Is DARK ILLUSIONS: THE FINAL CHAPTER and that is [hopefully] going to be the last in the series, but there is no telling. If so, I would have to change the subtitle, haha. It's the continuation from the first I wrote, DARK ILLUSIONS: THE BEGINNING. Oddly enough, I had no plans on making more, but people asked for more so I went back and saw that there was more to the story I could tell. They wanted more back story and information about the clans I used. So I ended up writing DARK ILLUSIONS: THE NEXT CHAPTER, and somehow Kat and Julian weren't finished, so I continued on to this current one: DI: TFC (#3).

The idea came from a TV series I'd watched as a child and always wanting to explore vampire stories. When I really brought it back and rewrote it to wha…

WIP Excerpt Author Tag! 3 tags, 3 books.

Going around Facebook is a tag and Authors are getting tagged by their friends. This is the idea.

Go to either page 7 or 77 of your manuscript or book. Count down 7 lines, then copy the next 7 lines to your status.

I was tagged 3 different times, and to be fair; and because I can, I will do 3 different excerpts. I asked and you answered: which to do?!

NOTE: These are all in draft form, which means you will find errors. These may not make it to the final draft, but they are copyrighted.

You chose:

So, here, in order are each.


[...]It would make Cameron keep a closer eye on her. Because of Cyrus’s shit, she would have to work overtime at convincing Cameron her change was because of accepting what she was now.  Damn it! That wasn’t in her plans. She had to think things through more carefully from now on. Her first step were the men who’d be outside her door, and who were to be surr…

What is most sought after?

Answer me this: What is it that you want to find most in your life right now? Going beyond New Years Resolutions. I mean the hard and gritty bits. Are you seeking more positivity? Weight loss help (in real life ways)? Making more food at home with simpler ingredients? What? 

Share this and ask your friends to come by and answer here, too. I want to get a lot of information on what is most wanted from you, right now. What are you most seeking in your life right now. 

Serious answers only, please.

I am posting this everywhere because I would like to hear it from your mouth.