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Join the Ariana's Warriors Street Team and receive lifetime freebies!

Well, as long as you stay a part of the team. :)
You are the extra step in my promotional department. To be a part, just email me and use subject "Ariana's Warriors - Street Team."

I write all sorts of genres, so I will try and send out emails before I release the book (email it out to you), to let you know of which one I'm doing that time. If that particular book isn't of interest (genre-wise) just let me know.


Free (ARC's - advanced reader copies) ebooks before they hit the shelves and others can purchase them. 
Free signed book covers, bookmarks, etc., before others can get them, or they're released.

WHAT I ASK OF YOU     Review my book on sites they're located on (honest reviews, but no blatant personal attacks; if there is an honest critique, or work that needs fixing, please let me know so I can do that, don't use reviews to do it as I don't watch over them)     Share the review     Tell your friends about the b…

Weekend Writing Sat-Sun (Feb 23rd – 24th) Tag #wwab to join in. Chat all weekend with me here!

This weekend, the furthest behind (they're all fairly similar in word count so the difference is literally about 1K of words) are HOPE OF THE FUTURE and Book Five of the Sorceress Series. I'm attaching the draft cover I came up with for Book ONE of the Sorceress Series. Feel free to let me know what you think. Join along and chat with me off and on when I take breaks, all weekend long. Tag #wwab. Saturday updates:BOOK FIVE SORCERESS SERIES Starting out at 26,595 words totalSo far 1,870 words. Off to gets me some lunch!Another break to make dough for homemade pizza tonight. At 4220 words.Another break to make the pizza dough INTO pizza! Gremlins wanted momma time so I lost an hour there that I could've cleaned. Or written. Oh well. Babies first. Total 5401 words.Okay, ending the night at 6571 words total. :) Have a great night! See you tomorrow. Sunday Updates:HOPE OF THE FUTURE Starting out at 24,938 words total. Got everyone in the house taken care of until the humans be…

Weekend Writing Sat - Sun (February 16-17th) Tag #wwab to join in!

All right. Getting going fairly early. Let's see if I can get myself some nice quiet writing time. Everyone has been taken care of and people are still asleep. This weekend, the two that are lowest in word count will be, as usual, the ones I work on. So that means. Saturday will be: DARK ILLUSIONS: THE FINAL CHAPTER and then tomorrow, Sunday, will be HOPE FOR THE FUTURE. 
Saturday UpdatesStarting the book at 22,190 words totalFirst break. Lunch! At about 1K. Going to be abouts because I went back and added words. So I'll be rounding up every time I update today.Forgot to update. 3274 words so far. It's so funny. Started reading Dean Koont'z THE TAKING last night. There is a storm that arrives in the night. Harsh. Rain. And with a distinct smell. Possible aliens or something else (haven't got that far in the book). I'm about to share a teaser for you, but this is the sequences that just took place here. I wrote the teaser lines. Looked up. Noticed harsh rain hi…

Avoid helping skeezy sales pitchers

Because I find it deplorable of some who wish to "sell" their books so bad that they don't even have the decency to keep to some sort of ethic when they promote, I'm going to give you guys a tip to avoid helping skeezy sales people. The ones who only wish to earn a profit off of you, EVEN if it's not the book they sell, as much as getting money from being a referral. Obviously, if you don't care, or do wish to help them earn money off you--even if it's pennies--feel free to ignore this. I always have you in mind when I do things and can't stand by when people have no moral conduct with which they live by.

(Before I mention, I will be straight up and say that yes, I generally use this method myself because any extra pennies in the feed the animals, or replace the falling down roof fund, helps tremendously. So nobody needs to point out that I do it. I do. You can see it for yourself.)

If someone pitches you a book to check out. And you actually DO want…