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Always Consequences Official Page

Always Consequences  
All Cassie wanted was a memorable birthday party. Not to find herself in the middle of a war.

Now she is struggling to stay alive and protect those very same people who she wanted to show a good time. She's fighting an inner battle and trying to remember: bad guys can't be good guys ... no matter how good they are with their hands.

There are always consequences to your actions. 

It started out as a birthday party in the woods.

Now it’s turned into a fight for her life . . . and her body.

Cassie got what she wanted:
An occasion which will go down in the books and remembered forever.

But things aren't always as they seem. . . .

*This book is intended for an adult audience. Reader discretion is advised.
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Chapter 5




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Always Consequences officially into the formatting stage

I know you've been waiting for a long time for it. And I am happy to say, do you hear that sound? It's me officially about to hit formatting stage of Always Consequences. Edits are done and I will begin formatting as soon as I tee tee. hahaha

ETA: Halfway done with formatting as of a few hours after this post was first written up.
ETA: Officially Done and Page is here with more info:

See the cover here, and how to add to Goodreads. :)

I am going to do this a bit different than normal, simply because it has taken me so long to get this book out. Having to find a dedicated editor and having my USB drive crash on me that held the book, covers, and everything else I was working on at the time, really set me back. I am so happy to be at this point. And I know you guys are! I love my fans and it annoys me more that

Weekend Writing Sat-Sun (March 23rd - 24th) Tag #wwab to join in.

This weekend I will be working on Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter and tomorrow (Sunday) will be Hope of the Future.

Once I stop with these, I may end up working on Winged Shadows as a side project to fix the ideas I had with it. A lot of interest has been shown for a second, so if you've read it, let me know what you'd love to see, and any unanswered questions you may have. Perhaps Kora's story isn't quite finished yet. I'll knock on her door with your ideas and see if she'd like to tell me anything else. :)

I don't work with muse's. I knock on the doors of the characters in my mind. Demand them to tell me something fun. When I get questions and such from you, I go to them and ask them. See if they have something else to tell me. You know how selfish and narcissistic characters can be? They can be prodded into giving more stories. They sure love to talk about themselves, after all.

Here are some of the ideas being given for a DD2 and you can agree with…

Weekend Writing Sat-Sun (March 16th – 17th) Tag #wwab to join in.

This weekend I will be working on Hope of the Future and Book Five of the Sorceress Series. My mom had her foot surgery yesterday so I'm hoping I can get in the time to write all day. Starting late, but everyone's asleep for nap time so that may help as I started laundry and cleaning earlier. Already wiped. Let's hop in. :D

Feel free to participate by tagging with #wwab and pop on by to say hi off and on throughout the weekend. :) It actually helps me focus on my writing to have that minute break here and there.

Saturday Updates:HOPE OF THE FUTUREStarting at 33,218 words and already feeling exhausted, haha. This will be fun.1812 words  and we take a lunch and coffee break.3765 and more cleaning/laundry to be done! Does laundry ever really stop?4979 words and din din time. Finishing the night at 5458 words  and the book total is currently at: 38,656 total Back tomorrow. Sunday Updates:SORCERESS SERIES: BOOK FIVE
I thought it would be fun to look up when I first came up with…

Weekend Writing Sat-Sun (March 9th – 10th) Tag #wwab to join in.

This weekend I will be working on Dark Illusions: The Final Chapter and Book Five of the Sorceress Series. I've already started because I needed to make sure the brain stayed on the writing, instead of putting it off for a second. Feel free to stop in any time to chat throughout the day. Saturday Updates:DARK ILLUSIONS: THE FINAL CHAPTER 34,010 words. I've put in about 1,638 so far.4300 words so farEnding the night at 5114 words. Story at: 38,460 total.
Sunday Updates:SORCERESS SERIES: BOOK FIVE 1531 so far today. Book total is at: 34,660 total4373 words.4857.Ending the night at 37,969 words totalin the book now.

Weekend Writing Sat-Sun (March 2nd – 3rd) Tag #wwab to join in.

It's that time again. Let's see which books are the furthest behind. We have DARK ILLUSIONS: THE FINAL CHAPTER and BOOK FIVE OF THE SORCERESS SERIES. So today will be DI since it's the absolute furthest behind at 27,253 words total. And then tomorrow the Sorceress book since it's at 33,098 words total.  Join along and chat with me off and on when I take breaks, all weekend long. Tag #wwab. I will not be on the social sites you see this post to. So if you want to chat, chat with me here. Saturday Updates:DARK ILLUSIONS: THE FINAL CHAPTER Starting at 27, 253 words total240 so far. Not much, but I'm trying to get a lot of cleaning done today. It is more than I had when I started. :) Exhaustion is wearing on me. Lunch time!Next break to go start the pizza dough: 1306 words so far
Ending the night at 1622 words total. Had to deal with other things today. I might continue working on this tomorrow. Instead of Sorceress book. Not sure yet.
Sunday Updates:DARK ILLUSIONS: T…