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The most powerful tool on the planet is ... you

Fight back against Facebook hiding YOUR favorite pages.

Do you know the most powerful tool any page owner has? What any site, author, business has in life? YOU and that big ol' mouth of yours.

Facebook loves to try to make page owners and alike PAY to allow you to see what you love most. So we're supposed to pay for your attention? How to fight against it? Use that big mouth you were born with and talk as you love to do. Facebook and their algorithms have nothing on you. YOU are the single most powerful tool anyone on this planet has. Yes, your one little self who you figure isn't so important? You are!

How can you do it? When your favorite (or one of) page posts something; use that "like" button, comment on things they post, post to their walls, and talk about the page to your friends. Share their items. All the analytics and algorithms in the world have absolutely nothing to do with you and can't stop you.

Add the pages you love most and want to SEE most, …

Guest Interview - Victoria Ley

Today we welcome: Victoria Ley, author of Darkseed Awakening and Actress.

She will be be here and around in the comments to answer any questions you may have all day long. You can use the Facebook system, or Blogger. Ask her about the book, or just questions you'd like to know about her. Anything goes.

She will be here to promote, and discuss, her book: Darkseed: Awakening (The Darkseed Series)

EXTRA SPECIAL FOR YOU: She will be giving away a few PDF copies to anyone who comes by and leaves a comment. Make sure to leave your email as well, if you want a chance at one. (The email will only be used for that purpose.)

If you'd like to follow her around the web, or buy a her book, feel free to do so here:

Twitter: @toriley

Facebook link:

Buy links:

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