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Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter Preview

This is still in draft format, but I will update it as the edits are done. I am including this as the preview located in the back of Dark Illusions: The Beginning.

     [. . .] Sean acknowledged being stared at so he shifted to regard Cameron without a care in the world. One shoulder raised before Sean continued watching Kat. Watching her with that fixed interest that would get his ass kicked soon if he didn’t stop ogling what belonged to him, not Sean.      Cameron cleared his throat. “Does someone know when the fuck Cyrus plans on joining us?” He slammed his hand down on the desk. Everyone jumped. Even Kat did despite having seen him about to strike the surface. Sean received the point and lounged back in the chair, regarding Cameron with an impatient glare. Not before giving Kat a final once over with clear interest.      Kat glanced at Sean and back to Cameron, sensing the tension. Cameron swore he caught a glint of amusement in her eyes.      “Soon,” Sean growled. “Said he had a phon…

Double standard curse you

I have noticed something that I find interesting.

Before I go on, allow me to preface this since this seems to be something that needs to be done online nowadays. This isn't meant to cut down anyone who thinks this. This isn't meant to be mean in any way at all. This isn't singling anyone out. There is no alternate meaning in my words. I have just come to observe this. It's something I've seen in reviews, something I've heard regarding my books, and even something I've seen online.

Maybe I need to preface the preface to also preface another preface, to preface the first. And I'll still probably piss someone off, or offend them.


I have noticed there is a common double standard even when it comes to female vampires, and I'm rather curious if you have as well. My female character in Dark Illusions, Kat, is modeled much in the way of a female Dracula, if you will.

What I mean is that she loves one person, but still engages in quite a lot of se…

Ariana Browning Designs

I'm enjoying learning how to make, and alter, images, backgrounds, and book covers. So as I make some, I will begin adding them here. For now, the images are free, as long as you give me credit, and don't remove the name from the images. If you want me to play with an image of yours, contact me and ask. Being that it's Halloween coming up, my mood is for playing with spooky images, and making zombie people. :)

Here are some I've done. Click on the image for a full size picture.

Made this image from a couple pictures I took from my own neighborhood, and city. 

============================================== ==============================================
Below are NOT for download. These are personal images of me, or friends, that have allowed me to practice. Only sharing to share what I've done, and can do.  DO NOT COPY OR DOWNLOAD.
============================================== ==============================================

Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter Official Page

The Awakened have existed since time began. Always there; never seen. Vampires with the ability to shapeshift into wolves, who retain many of the wolf abilities.

Kat was thrust into the world of the Awakened, and she's had to fight for her life every step of the way. It never ends.

Her clan believes her love is dead, and her mate can become Prince like he's always wanted. She believes it's time for a change. The Raaka clan believe she is pure-blooded Raaka, but don't know how much blood she shared with the Prince of the Awakened, a Runsasi.

Could it be . . . she is something else? Is it possible for a vampire to become more human?

All anyone wants, is for her to sit back and wait. Wait for what? What secrets are they keeping from her? What will happen when she finds them out?

She's tired of running.
She's tired of hiding.

Are the Awakened prepared for the coming storm?

"I will never be a victim again. . . ."
Character Profiles:  Kober

Join the discussio…

Dark Illusions Character Profile: Kober


Let's get to know one of the most talked about individuals of the series, first. I never thought it would be him, but meet: Kober
Kober is of the Vakava clan in the Dark Illusions Series, by Ariana Browning. He is . . . a gentleman, first and foremost. 

I won't go into much about his clan since it's in DARK ILLUSIONS: THE NEXT CHAPTER and because the book hasn't been released, I don't want to spoil it for you! :)

What I can tell you, that you've already figured out about the clan, is that they are the scorned clan. The clan who resemble more than any other, what one would typically think of most Vampires. They have no hair, have a bit of a point to their ears, and people consider them ugly. 

Not Kat. 
Kat holds a special place within for Kober. Always believing he is the most beautiful of the Awakened.

Kober came to Julian when Julian was in a very bad place and needed someone most. As you can tell with Kober's character, he is always at peace and mellow. …


To address the rumors going around about Kobo removing self-publishing authors and their books from the site. I've heard many who think they're taking titles down just because they are self-pubbed authors. Some bad people have uploaded books against the rules. So they are going through and checking them. That's it.

This is what they are doing. Notice the parts in bold.
1.We are removing titles in question from the Kobo platform. 2.We are quarantining and reviewing titles to ensure that compliance to our policies is met by all authors and publishers. We will ensure that content meeting the policy is made available online as soon as possible. 3.We are reviewing our policies and procedures to implement safeguards that will ensure this situation does not happen in the future.
We are working hard to get back to business as usual, as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.
Our goal at Kobo is not to censor material; we support f…

Subscribe by blog post updated

Okeydokes blog post subscribe link has been updated, as of Tuesday. The new link is: Bold is the only change that I did. Now, I don't know if that will have changed your subscription, but let's just make sure. I'd hate for you to miss any of these updates.

Either visit the website and the popup for subscribing should come up, or visit the site, and you'll see the box to subscribe. If you enter the same email you used to subscribe, you'll either get a notification that tells you you have to confirm the subscription, meaning it did change the subscription options. Or you may get the notification that says you're already subscribed. Either way, you can do that to make sure that you are in fact, subscribed by email.

Again, this is only for the blog posts by email subscription. This doesn't change the newsletter, or anything else. I can't change that information for you, so that's why I am making it a point to p…

Sean - Dark Illusions

Some take rough to extremes. 

I lucked out finding that face. Toward the end, I was picturing Liev Schreiber (minus that Sean is dark blonde-ish) while I was writing that character. Love them all, especially Julian, but Sean is a particular favorite.

I . . . am love. I choose that.

I've begun posting my old poetry that I used to share on MySpace. This is part of it. Since I have to change the name they are under anyway, I make them images so they can be shared easily. They are square shapes to make them Instagram friendly, as well.