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My little poofy face

I took the above image a few days ago. Needless to say, my little poofy face still hasn't begun to feel too much better. He's still sitting and being poofy. Although he has been feeling a bit better with the heater on him every day. Right now he's eating with Zeva, and in the mornings he flies around a bit. I'd really hoped that he would be better by now, but him and Zeva are getting older so I understand that it will just take him a bit more time.

I know he's sick, but he is just too darn adorable when he is puffy like above. Also because he becomes mister adorable face and lovey boy. Awww. <3 p="">
Over the weekend I was able to finish my dark hair coloring. I know I said I would do stripes of color, but then I stared at my old pictures, and I decided for now, since the blonde wreaked havoc on my hair (as well as switching to Wen for a while as it dried my hair out big time) I would do the one color. I do still have a few streaks of the blonde, m…

Jax and showing up brothers.

Above photo is on a normal day. This was taken years ago.

Jax is still not in top form. I grabbed one of the small room heaters and put it at 70*, then placed near the cage. He's been eating a bunch more, so I gave him one of their treat sticks that have a lot of vitamins and I believe this one has a lot of egg. Zeva isn't really interested in it, but Jax has been eating it all day, like he usually does.

The heat has helped him. He is still puffy, but did a little talking a bit ago and is moving around a bit more. Zeva's been singing to him so I know the heat is helping. Gave him some sliced brussel sprouts as well.

In other news, I haven't been able to do much editing today. I enjoyed a few hours of showing up older brother in place of it. His exact quote, "When did I become the girl? It's my fault and dad's fault for showing you how to work on vehicles."

He doesn't appreciate his little sister being able to change the tire on his 4x4 Blazer wh…

Jax doesn't feel so hot

Jax isn't feeling well this morning. Not sure why. He's remained poofed up (they spread feathers to get warm) all morning, fairly quiet, and even climbed up on my finger (being semi wild they rarely want physical touch from me). I'm hoping he feels better later today. Even Zeva is remaining fairly quiet to be nice. I think she gets that he doesn't feel well. I'm going to keep the door to my room closed today so it'll stay warmer than normal. Poor little guy.

As for the books I'm working on, I got the note this morning in my email that the proof for Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter has been sent. I should get that within the week (depends on the holiday shipping times). I'm holding off on ordering the proof for the hard bound to make sure the font on the paperback is good. Since I have them both the same (just the size and line spacing is different) fonts, the paperback will let me know if I need to change the hard bound.

Working on the edits for Dark Il…

Cheyenne the Killah

Getting close to finishing and ordering proof for Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter in paperback form. Only reason I am this round is because I am changing the font. And when I do that I like to have it in my hand, as they would print and send out so that I know exactly what you guys would receive when you order it. Shouldn't take more than a week to get here and approve (unless I need to change anything about it). I am currently on the cover stage. Then I can move onto the hard bound version.
Cheyenne on my lap this morning, refusing to acknowledge that it was time to get up. :) Those are clearly screams from me being mauled by the vicious terror, not giggles.

Here are her pictures I took - 

How to keep from gaining weight during the holidays. How to lose weight during the holidays.

I'm going to start trying to write out the process that I went through to lose weight some years ago. For this first blog about it, I want to focus on how to avoid gaining weight during the dreaded Winter season or Holidays, and even possibly losing weight the way I sometimes do.

I think it's taken a while to finally write this out because for me, I feel like I'm being all, "ooo look at me aren't I special," and I hate feeling that way. It's hard for me to talk about and I don't even understand that. Could be me, but I know how much friends and people that I talk about this with, have wanted to know how I did it, so for you, I am committed to writing it out.

It took me ten years to go from nearly 200 lbs (or a size 16-18W) down to about 140-145 lbs (or a size 6-8). My method may not work for everyone, and those that go my method may incorporate ideas that help them shed the weight faster. I am not a doctor, either. Clearly. Listen to it, or not, but I…

Writing with the Gremlin Gang

Kona decided that he didn't want Lucy sleeping anymore. Since momma is busy writing and unable to give him play time, he wanted sissies time. What did he do?

That little beast above, walked over to her and grabbed the pink blanket that covered her (below) and dragged it off her, then began "killing" it. haha Meanie. Typical younger brother.

Now she's next to me on the chair to avoid him and he's running around the house.

Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter

The official page is updated with all the links on where to purchase the eBook.

Dark Illusions Official Page

Right now I am working on the paperback and hard bound. When I finish with those, I will add those links. As stated before, it may take anywhere from a week (best case) to a few weeks to finish those and get them up. I have to actually order a proof this time to physically see how the book will look in my hands since I'm changing the font I used.

This first round of eBooks have a special digitally signed cover. It is my genuine signature. I wrote it down on a piece of paper, took a pic, then uploaded it to the cover image. So it's real!

The page with all the scheduling info is here: Schedule

They are in your past for a reason

Since I'm busy with formatting Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter, I thought I'd share some posts from the archives.
Here is a great post that I wrote back in 2010 (11-4-2010). (Resists urge to edit.)

We all need to grow up. Eventually that happens whether we realize it or not. But what's even more important isn't us going from child to adult, but as adult's we grow as people.

It's always interesting to me how people can change so much; or not. How some are just completely content being the same as they have always been, rather than to consciously grow as an individual person.

Even more interesting is how a person can outgrow people around them. Where you realize that even though that person's situation has changed: maybe they got married, or had children, moved, etc., but yet they haven't changed. Their circumstances and environment changed. They may have even matured more than before. But again, they haven't changed. At. All.

They were once so close …

Dark Illusions: The Next Chapter set to release

I am halfway through the formatting process, but wanted to quickly post this for those that have missed it.  I'm going to allow the Street Team members to share the book as a holiday gift, to anyone they think may like it. When you do receive the book, it would be so incredibly helpful if you'd let me know of any formatting errors you may catch. I would appreciate that, and the moment you tell me, I will fix it, and re-upload, as always. :)
Also, if I disappear here and there this week, this is why.
I haven't forgotten about the surprise announcement, just been focusing on this, and the surprise had to do with when this one released anyway. So I'll still be posting that in the next newsletter. I haven't forgotten.
And as a final note: If there ever comes a time when you come across a book of mine on a pirate site, or anything that seems "fishy," please, please, please do not download and risk infecting your eBook reader. All you have to do is ask me for a…

Writing and Editing tip

Because I mentioned this to my editor, I thought I would mention is on my blog as well since I know a lot of you are aspiring writers, established, or otherwise.

There are times when writing, that I find myself working sluggishly through a part of my books. I did this quite a bit with Always Consequences before I learned to fix the hinterdoo that I'm going to tell you about.

I also do this when I edit, not just when I am writing, but it makes the writing go much faster. I've noticed that more often than not, I hear authors overwriting, then coming back to remove details. I am the total opposite, which I thought was weird at first, but now I realize my difference in this millionth subject, is a strength.

I am impatient. Naturally, I have impatient characters. Anyone who has read Dark Ilusions will assume what it's like to deal with Kat on a daily basis while writing. Tapping her little foot, telling me, "Come on, come on. I don't have all day. Who care what color t…

Glamorous life to lead

Disclaimer: If you're easily grossed out, and believe raising dogs is all unicorns and sparkles, don't read further.

Ah, the lovely life (and oh so totally glam) life I lead with my beautiful pets I truly adore. I have been dealing with a dog who's sick. Sick is a lose term because she is, but she isn't. Kendra has developed these periods of time where food and her are not friends. It appears once a year, and lasts about a week before everything becomes normal once more.

In that time, she'll throw up her food (yay for me, it's mostly at night, and she doesn't choose to leave my side, double yay!) and lose weight. I give her Nutri Cal for added vitamins until her appetite returns so her weight doesn't drop too much, and to help her, though she's always her normal goobery self during this time. This is the third time she's going through this, which is why it's not a huge concern for me/us.

It's funny. If this was my first dog, or even seco…


Video isn't the best quality since it was recorded with an old camera phone, but this is one of our beauty's. I call her Black Beauty, and you can see why. SUCH a sweetheart. Cheyenne. She is the oldest of the five Shih Tzu pups we bred.

Easy cake doughnut holes (lots of step-by-step images)

Some of the most delicious doughnut holes on the planet. Not even kidding. Fairly simple to make too. One winter when the heater decided to stop working, my mom was in Texas, brother was long-haul truck driving, and I was on my own, I used a bag of these to pay my brother's friends for coming out, working all day, and replacing the broken parts for free. They said the doughnut holes didn't last but an hour after they left here, haha.

You come first

I think at any time during the year, but especially the holiday's that it becomes important to take care of yourself. Despite writing this blog (I'm being stubborn and shouldn't really be on the computer), I am taking the weekend off. Maybe just today, maybe the whole weekend. Depends on how I feel.

Last night I just started to feel extremely dizzy and nauseous, then really cold, and it wouldn't let up. For a person who doesn't get sick, I know why it happened.

I overworked myself.

My body has this wonderful ability of telling me when I am ridiculous (the only one I listen to, really) and need to take a break. And, as much as I hate taking time off, that's exactly what I'm doing. The dishes have already piled up, which means I will do those (we don't have a dishwasher so there isn't much choice), and I do have to stay on top of some cleaning or else the house becomes total ruin. Same with making dinner, but I do have a pizza ready to pop into the ov…

What would you tell your younger self?

A message to the little girl I was, am, and the young child within all of us.

A friend asked me what I would say to my younger self and I began thinking. . . .

Don't be scared. I know how much fear you hold in your heart, but it's all lies.

You're so much braver than you think and you realize.

Don't be afraid to dream, to love, to be open and honest with your feelings, to be who you want to be despite everyone around you telling you that you can't. Look at the source of that hate. They want you to fail so you'll be no better than they. Do not ever allow them to win, to hold you back from your true potential.

There will come a time when you are a bit older, yet still so young, that you'll be asked a question and you will wonder whether or not you should tell the truth. If you lie, that road is going to be so very hard on you. It will take parts of your soul that you will never receive again. They will never return. People will tell you that was a bad thing, …

My little writing friend

Kona stole my vest. Isn't he just the cutest? His head fit perfectly within the arm hole.