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Could use your help

Could use your help. Tell me which of these covers grabs your attention and you'd be likely to grab the book. If you're already a fan of the series, just tell me which you think fits most.

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Multiple POV

Switching viewpoints today. I wasn’t thinking I would end up writing from another POV in this book, but today it turned out that way. Then while I was writing today, I had the idea pop into my head that I may end up crisscrossing many different POV’s from here on out. The ones in the story, but still, I’ve been fairly consistent with not doing that. I do a couple POV’s but not a lot.It’d be new for me period. I usually don’t follow a strict rule with how many scenes a person can hold and whatnot. If my editor thinks one person hasn’t been shown enough, she may mention it and I’ll inject some more, but overall, I write as the people (and scenes) come to me, as the story develops. For me, that’s my writing style now. I may change that later on, but for now I can safely say it’s my style.I think of George R.R. Martin when I consider so many different POV’s. My thoughts are mixed on all the ones he uses so I try to be conscious of that and ensure that at the end of the day, it doesn’t tak…

Moving day

Been having fun all day long with moving things. Yesterday and the weekend includes that.

Originally posted on Kim Iverson's Website -

Sometimes being an adult means making difficult decisions

I love that saying.

Oftentimes as adults, we have to make those difficult decisions. The saddest part, is that sometimes those decisions end up breaking your heart and causing you pain. You make them... because you have to.

Because you need to.

Those decisions aren't always easy to make. You go back and forth, asking yourself, is this right? Should I do this? What if I regret it?

Well... you probably will regret it in moments after if you're human. It may not feel right at times and you're going to find yourself hating the decision you made at times, wishing you'd never done it, even wanting to go back on it, but that's the thing. You did it. Which meant you were supposed to do it. And it's perfectly normal to feel regretful, sad, etc., afterward because we all do.

And it's o-k-a-y.

As difficult as those decisions are, we have to make the decisions that are best for us. We can't always think about the people that it will affect because at the …