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2016 Survey

What do you want more of in 2016 and beyond, for my site, writing, etc.

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Moving day

Been having fun all day long with moving things. Yesterday and the weekend includes that.

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If you follow or subscribe to this blog

I want to let you know that this site is being switcherood. My hosting plan is up this week and rather than renew, I’m going to the simplified (MY DOMAIN will remain the same – for a year or two so I can – hopefully – not deal with too much of that extra bidness I’ve been dealing with right now.Everything has remained on my site for where I was at before I switched to my own hosting so I’m not having to change too much. BUT I wanted to let you know so that if you follow this blog by email (this has nothing to do with the newsletter) or the “follow” option through wordpress, come back here on Friday, or next week, and refollow to be safe. Things may not switch.So again, if you follow this blog for any method but the newsletter, please come back to next week (or this Friday things should have changed) and refollow. :)

Originally posted on Kim Iverson's Website -

Multiple POV

Switching viewpoints today. I wasn’t thinking I would end up writing from another POV in this book, but today it turned out that way. Then while I was writing today, I had the idea pop into my head that I may end up crisscrossing many different POV’s from here on out. The ones in the story, but still, I’ve been fairly consistent with not doing that. I do a couple POV’s but not a lot.It’d be new for me period. I usually don’t follow a strict rule with how many scenes a person can hold and whatnot. If my editor thinks one person hasn’t been shown enough, she may mention it and I’ll inject some more, but overall, I write as the people (and scenes) come to me, as the story develops. For me, that’s my writing style now. I may change that later on, but for now I can safely say it’s my style.I think of George R.R. Martin when I consider so many different POV’s. My thoughts are mixed on all the ones he uses so I try to be conscious of that and ensure that at the end of the day, it doesn’t tak…